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"A Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a measure used in continuing education programs, particularly those required in a licensed profession in order for the professional to maintain the license" ( Those articles listed on this site qualify for Applied Behavior Analysis CEUs for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB).

“For the most up-to-date information on CEU requirements, visit

The following information was extracted directly from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website on September 12, 2018.

"BACB credentials are entry-level credentials, indicating that individuals have met minimum standards for training and experience in the discipline of behavior analysis. In an effort to ensure they remain current on developments in the discipline, certificants should acquire additional training beyond the requirements for certification. The purpose of the BACB’s Continuing Education (CE) requirements is to ensure that all certificants engage in activities that will expand and maintain their behavior-analytic skills. All continuing education must occur within the certification cycle to which it is applied. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in excess of the requirements cannot be applied to a later cycle. “Making up” missed CEUs after the certification expiration date is not permitted.”

“BCBAs and BCBA-Ds are required to complete recertification (including payment) every 2 years. Recertification requires verification that the BCBA has completed 32 units of acceptable continuing education, of which at least 4 hours must cover ethics content.”

“At the end of each recertification cycle, certificants must have entered 20 hours of acceptable continuing education into their Gateway accounts, with at least 4 hours in the area of ethics. Those who wish to supervise individuals who are RBTs will also need to obtain 3 hours of supervision continuing education per recertification cycle as part of the 20-hour requirement.”

“For the most up-to-date information on CEU requirements, visit

The following information was extracted directly from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website on September 12, 2018.


 1  College or university coursework

 None – all CE
can come from
this type

 50 minutes of instruction = 1 CEU
 2  CE issued by
authorized continuing education
(ACE) providers
 None – all CE
can come from
this type
 50 minutes of instruction = 1 CEU
 3  Non-authorized events  25% can come
from this type*
 50 minutes = 1 CEU
 4  Instruction of Type 1 or Type 2  50% can come
from this type*
 50 minutes of instruction = 1 CEU
 5  CE issued by the BACB directly  25% can come
from this type*
 Determined by BACB
 6  Take and pass the certification
exam again
 All CE will be
fulfilled by this
 Passing the exam equals 100% of
your required CE, except for
 7  Scholarly Activities  25% can come
from this type*
 One publication = 8 CEUs One
review = 1 CEU

*A maximum of 75% of the total required CE may come from categories 3, 4, 5 and 7. At least 25% must come from Type 1 or Type 2. Passing the exam (Type 6) meets all CE requirements except for supervision.

Ethics CE

Acceptable ethics content is behavior-analytic in nature and covers ethical issues in behavior analysis practice or research. Ethics content should incorporate the BACB’s Ethics requirements. Sample ethics CE topics might include the (in)appropriateness of implementing non-behavioral therapies, strategies for avoiding/managing dual relationships, creating a culture of ethics in an organization, ethical implications of media and technology, among others.

Supervision CE

BCaBAs, BCBAs and BCBA-Ds who wish to provide supervision of individuals pursuing BACB certification or the ongoing practice of BCaBAs or RBTs will be required to obtain specific training in order to do so. These individuals will also be required to obtain 3 CEUs on supervision in every certification cycle. Acceptable supervision content is behavior-analytic in nature and covers effective supervision as defined in the BACB’s Experience Standards (in particular, the “Nature of Supervision” section) and the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline.

Ethics/Supervision CEUs Overlap

A CEU may be counted as either an ethics CEU or a supervision CEU but not both.

Beginning September 1, 2016, CEUs acquired from the 8-hour Supervisor Training may count as supervision CEUs only. From that date forward, CEUs from these events will not be accepted toward the ethics CEU requirement.

Repeating CE Events

Certificants should not repeat a CEU event in order to obtain additional CEUs. Repeating events does not provide new or expanded knowledge or skills.”

At the BACB Gateway there are several places to input information. Below is how you would input information for Product ID: da2007 - Discriminative Control of Punished Stereotyped Behavior in Humans - (2 Units).

In the "General Information" section:

Type: TYPE 2

Provider: ABA Connection

Continuing Education Hours: # of units for 1 purchased article (For example, 2)

Ethics and Profressional Behavior Hours: 0 for most articles, 3 for the Morris, Ethics article. (For example, 0)

Begin Date: Date you began reading the article (For example: 12/12/2012)

End Date: Date you passed the competency test for the article (For example: 12/12/2012)

In the "Type 2 Details" section:

Event Title: Article title (For example: Discriminative Control of Punished Stereotyped Behavior in Humans)

Location: Online

Instructor: Andrea T. Stayton, MS, BCBA

Provider Number: # provided at the bottom of the completion certificate (For example, OP-12-2183)

  1. Login to your profile using the button in the top right corner of the website (above the menu).  This defaults to your "My Courses" interface
  2. Beneath the "Course Details" section, you should see all your purchased courses
  3. Click on the desired course name
  4. There are several tabs within this page.  
          a. The "Contents" tab will show you course content which includes your "Final Exam". You may click this link when you are ready to begin taking your exam. 
          b. The "Description" tab will show you a description of the course, typically the abstract for the journal article.
          c. The "Price" tab will show you the price of the course
          d. The "Course Materials" tab will provide you with the educational materials associated with the course (e.g. the journal 
          e. The "Teacher" tab will show you who is the associated Instructor for the course.
          f. The "Requirements" tab will show you the requirements needed to obtain Continued Education Units for the course.
  5. Once you meet those requirements, including completion of the Final Exam, you will automatically be sent a link to your Completion Certificate. Your Completion Certificate(s) will also be available in the "My Certificates" section of your User Profile.
  • From the button at the top right of any page click where it says "Users", and then click on "My Certificates" (if you do not see that click the login button in the same area).
  • Anywhere in the user area you will see a menu on the right called "User Menu" and you can navigate to the My Certificates from there, or any other area of your account.
  • In the My Certificates area of your account you will see a list of the courses you have purchased. To the right of each there is a collection of icons. The first one is an eye icon (will only see this if you have passed the course), click on it and your certification will popup.


Login to your account on the website, you should immediately see your customer portal.  This defaults to the My Courses page which lists your registered courses.  As a Complete Course Library subscriber, you have access to all the courses on the website.  Although, you can access all courses, if you want to take the quiz and receive CEUs, you will still need to register for your desired courses individually. There will be no additional cost for the courses. All courses are available here or by selecting "Courses" in the website header.

If providers are available for your service area, ABA Connection will review all documentation requirements before services can start. Once all documentation has been received and services authorized, the start date for services is typically within 2 weeks.

ABA Connection provides services to clients with CDC+, Medicaid branches (Sunshine Health, United Healthcare, etc.), and Cigna