Clinic, Home & Community-Based Services

ABA Connection prides itself on providing unique and convenient ABA therapy services through focused and comprehensive treatment. We conduct thorough assessments to create the best behavior plan for you or your loved one. During the intake process we will work to conduct client referral, work directly with your insurance provider to verify benefits, perform an assessment and determine the best plan for your child. 

  • Before Services can begin, contact or call (904) 201-9129 to see if you or someone you love qualifies for services.
    • ABA Connection accepts Medicaid, CMS, Sunshine Health, Tricare, Florida Blue, Step Up Empowerment Scholarship, and Private Pay
    • Prior to Service Start, please supply a Doctor's order for ABA Services and a copy of the most recent Diagnostic Evaluation.  Both the Doctor's order and Evaluation must be completed by a doctoral level provider (MD, PsyD, PhD, etc.). 
  • Intake occurs after authorization is obtained.  This process begins once we have copies of all documentation required by your insurance funder.  If paying through Private Pay, documentation may not be required.
  • Assessment entails at least 2 observations and interviews with various parties, as determined by the clinician.  Once the observations are complete, the Behavior Analyst will write a treatment plan.  This process can take several weeks depending on the complexity of the case.  The consenting party must review and approve of the Treatment Plan before additional services can be requested, if ABA Services are recommended.
  • Ongoing Services begin after a request for continuation is submitted an authorized.  Details will be located in the Treatment Plan.
  • Discharge is the ultimate goal of ABA Services! We want you to not need us. :) Successful Discharge through goal attainment is the BEST compliment we can receive.  Discharge criteria will be noted in the Treatment Plan.  

ABA Connection Summer Camp is currently full! We will be hiring and assess availability weekly.  If interested, please complete our Registration Form to be placed on the Summer Camp Wait List.